Our Mission

Rainbow-Feature-Image-4Rainbow Guardian’s mission is to provide services and quality rehabilitation in a loving home to developmentally challenged individuals, so they can flourish and live their lives in a supportive and loving environment. In the process, we hope to help relieve the stress and guilt often felt by their families.

We also strive to provide pertinent up-to-date information and guidance to all families with developmentally challenged children so they can better handle their children’s special needs.

About Rainbow Guardian Ranch

Rainbow Guardian HomeRainbow Guardian Ranch is a residential facility located in Southwest Ranches, FL on two acres. It houses up to eight, special-needs’ young adult females — ranging in age — all with different types of developmental disabilities. The home is equipped with 24-hour qualified personal care assistants who all pass certified background checks and are trained in reactive strategies and medication administration. The goal of the home is a warm, loving atmosphere with positive reinforcement where the individuals can learn how to live happily while becoming self-sufficient and independent — working toward their own personal, unique goals.

If you are interested in placing your loved one in our residential facility, you may contact Teresa Caprio @ 954-436-1900 or teresacaprio@yahoo.com. Thank you for your interest in our home and organization.